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Wordpress Website Designs



WordPress template or theme based websites are a great solution and platform for projects that don’t require high-end graphic design or custom code. In a template or theme based website build, we will provide a variety of layouts and functionality based upon your needs, and then our marketing professionals will custom tailor your content (content, messages, images, videos) and apply your visual branding (logo, colors, fonts).

Our WordPress theme based website scope of work includes:
Website Content Planning, Design and Build. A member of our team will help you plan your website and coordinate with you to build, edit, and/or create content (text, images and videos) to be strategically placed in your website.

WordPress Platform Hosting Setup. Our team of professionals will establish a website server environment and install the website template and other necessary components.

Digital Asset Installation. A member of our team will migrate content from your existing website and then load new digital content such as images and messaging to build your new site.

Website Launch & Training. Our staff will archive your previous site, if you wish, and then launch your new website. We can train you or your staff on how to maintain and post blog articles to your new website.

WordPress Template-Based Websites typically take approximately4-6 weeksto build and are proposed based upon the client’s individual goals and requirements.

Custom Website Coding and Integration



Custom Website Development is strategically aligned to build your organizations website with all the latest website features and functionality. Our staff will work with your staff to identify key goals and milestones as well as target market audience, branding, product offerings and your overall product culture / competition. This information will lay a solid foundation for the website build ahead.

Our Custom Website Development scope of work includes:
Conscious Design Strategic Planning. Our team of website designers will build a custom website strategy for your project.

Digital Content Design and Build. We have the ability to write or edit content messaging, as well as, we have access to high definition consciously relevant imagery.

Conscious Website Visual Design. Our team will develop your website to look & feel which aligns properly with the information identified in the website strategy.

Custom Website Coding. One of our most sophisticated website developers will convert approved visual designs into a complex arrangement of coding to build a responsive website which identifies, recognizes and adjusts the end users experience depending upon what browser the user is on (phone, tablet, computer).

Digital Asset Installation. A member of our team will migrate content from your existing website, and then load new digital content such as images and messaging to build your new site.

Launch & Training. We’ll archive your old site, and launch your new one. We’ll also train you on how to update and care for your site going forward.

Custom Websites Development takes 6-10 weeks  and each website is priced based upon the specific needs of each individual project.

Other Custom Website Development



We don’t just build-brand new high performance website. Sometimes we encounter customers who desire to improve their existing online marketing ROI through strategically implementing and streamlining business process such as sales funnels. We have the ability to collaborate with you on just about anything but below is a example of the opportunities to build value with us.

Ecommerce sales websites
User login interfacing
Online marketing automation (Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn & many more!)
CRM integration (Salesforce, Hubspot & many more!)
Email marketing automation (MailChimp, Marketo & many more!)
Integrations with other 3rd-party software or applications
The possibilities are endless.

These services are priced per project based upon the customer’s goals and functionality requirements.


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